Falling For The Win

by Gary Visconti

Follow World Professional Figure Skating Champion Gary Visconti's seven-decade journey, one that has taken him from a low-income neighborhood in East Detroit to Olympic athlete. In Falling for the Win, you'll travel around the globe with Gary and share in his amazing life adventure, one filled with incredible highs, devastating lows, literally thousands of falls and some very inspiring people. Along the way, you're sure to see a part of yourself in Gary's struggles, successes, failings and victories. But no matter the circumstances, you'll also learn to get back up, dust yourself off and try again and again ... just like Gary did!


New Story of the Month

Nightmare of the Asteroid
by Vincent L. Scarsella



The Face of a Monster

by Kevin Richard White

Two college-age girls- Browyn, an anarchist, and Elaine, a go-getter- meet at a support group for those that have lost parents. Both of their fathers passed in different ways, but they strike up an abrasive yet charismatic friendship through their grief, anger and quirks. They both try to make sense of life after death, trying to become new people despite missing a vital piece of what made them alive in the first place. In this they learn what they're really hiding from- a truth that they cannot defeat and an acknowledgement that faith is more of a struggle than a feeling. Half memoir, half fiction, The face of a Monster is an examination of friendship, family and the curse of memory.



by Deborah Madar

When a human connection is made unexpectedly, out of nowhere, hope arises; life seems full of possibilities and worth living, even in the darkest times. So concludes Leigh Ann Fray's latest Convergences column, through which she observes and explores how fate can intercede and transform lives. Suddenly, chance intervenes in her own life when she receives a flattering email from a long forgotten boyfriend. He wonders: Would she be interested in reconnecting, for old time's sake? Phil Perrero's true motivation for reaching out to her, however, is much more complicated. Charlotte White, an emotionally unstable young woman, is obsessed with Leigh Ann. When she discovers Phil's rendezvous plan, The Voice inside Charlotte's head insists she must prevent this reunion. When the two strangers converge in Leigh Ann's home one day, the tragedy that unfolds devastates Leigh Ann. This convergence forces her to confront the question: what is her role in this catastrophe? Is she a victim or the catalyst?


New Poetry


by Jeffrey Charles Naish

MALCONTENT is the uncompromising and unparalleled epitaph of a lost soul wandering through the dark depths of a societal wasteland, the last words screaming from a man dragging through the agonies of a mundane existence.  From the trials and terrors of the flesh, to vacant hearts in exile, to the inner turmoil onset by the false hope of prosperity, none shall escape the flames of guilt and regret... as the frayed ends of out timeline burn with dissatisfaction.


My Hyacinth Mountain

by Antonino Monti

Let me lead you down the path,

so that I may have a laugh.

Because life isn’t so bold,

when your heart is cold.

Wisdom crowds the dark mind,

so you never know what you’ll find...


I’m beside the fountain,

do you understand my Hyacinth Mountain?


New From




by Dolores Esposito

This is a delightful tale of a bunny whose unusual ear makes a world of difference.


New Nonfiction

Mommy, Can I Have That?

Allergy Friendly Recipes The Whole Family Will Enjoy

by Elizabeth Cosgrove Feeney

This is a book of recipes that people with certain allergies can eat and the entire family can enjoy. In this case, the foods are free of eggs, dairy products , peanuts and tree nuts. This book is about making recipes with everyday ingredients found in your kitchen without causing you to spend $30 to make a pan of brownies. I have striven to make sure that these ingredients are not complicated or expensive.

Some years ago, when my youngest son was nine months old, we learned that he was allergic to eggs, dairy products, peanuts and tree nuts. This was' at first' a difficult and frightening diagnosis, but it gave me  inspiration to learn to cook for him and the family and then to write this book.  In the beginning, I would prepare something for my son and something else for the rest of the family. This got old fast. 

I began by taking some of my grandmother's recipes and substituted allergy friendly ingredients for the offending ones. The results were fantastic and the foods were delicious. You can bring them to parties and gatherings and no one would guess that they are non-allergic. There are allergy free foods here that cannot be purchased in stores, such as cinnamon rolls, donuts, marshmallow fluff and sponge candy. 

My purpose here is to make cooking for a family member with certain food allergies less intimidating. I hope all readers find some things in this book they can use and enjoy.


The Boundless Open Sea:

Essays at the Intersection of

Zen and Critical Theory

by Dr. Bradley Kaye

For the last forty years critical theories in Europe have been positing critiques of Western society without

fully embracing Buddhist traditions.  In Dr. Kaye's opinion that is a terrible mistake, and he attempts a fusion

between eastern and western social critique by focusing on concepts such as nothingness (Sunyata), instant

enlightenment (Satori and Nirvana), bio-power, space-time, and nihilism.  The entire purpose of the book

is to see if Buddhism and Critical Theory can create pathways out of actual oppressions due to

'clinging of mind' which Buddhism says is the cause of suffering (Dukkha).